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  • IPv6 Prefix Calculator, an IPv6 only calculator focused on prefixes, which allows you to take a base network and split it in smaller sub-prefixes. More details on the blog post.
  • IPv6 enabled Italian Government websites, a tool based on IPv6 Services Monitoring Tool (IPv6-SMT) to monitoring IPv6 adoption in Italian Government websites. More details on the blog post.
  • Cisco “clear ip nat translation” helper tool, a tool to help deleting specific NAT entries from routers. More details on the blog post.
  • Documents

  • A Technical Overview of Content Blocking Methods, a low technical profile document aimed to depict the impact of various content blocking mechanisms, presented during RIPE68. More details on the blog post.
  • Software

  • ARouteServer, A Python tool to automatically build (and test) feature-rich configurations for BGP route servers.
  • mac-to-peer, Automatically fetch MAC/IP address tables (ARP and IPv6 neighbors) from devices and build MAC address to BGP peer ASN mappings.
  • blocklistsaggregator, a Python tool that downloads IP block lists from various sources and builds configurations for network equipments and firewalls.
  • ripe-atlas-monitor, a tool to monitor results collected by RIPE Atlas probes and verify they match against predefined expected values.
  • haproxy-ocsp-stapling-updater, a bash script to update SSL certificates’ OCSP status and enable HAProxy OCSP stapling feature.
  • sct-verify, Signed Certificate Timestamp (SCT) TLS extension verifier, a small python script to receive and verify Certificate Transparency SCT via TLS Extension using openssl. More details on the blog post.
  • pmacct-to-elasticsearch, a python script to send pmacct’s output to ElasticSearch. More details on the blog post.
  • pmacct System V initscript, an init.d script to manage multiple instances of pmacct daemons. More details on the blog post.
  • FlowGraph, a web interface to dynamically build graphs from netflow data. More details on the project page.
  • RIPE Atlas Tracepath, A web-app which reads results from RIPE Atlas traceroute measurements and shows the Autonomous Systems that probes traverse to reach the target. More details here.
  • ipdetailscache, a Python library to gather IP address details (ASN, prefix, resource holder, reverse DNS) using the RIPEStat API, with a basic cache to avoid flood of requests and to enhance performance.
  • Template_Lightweight_Dynamic_SNMPv2_Router, a lightweight Zabbix template for SNMP routers. More details on the blog post.
  • Template_Cisco_HSRPGroup, a Zabbix template to monitor Cisco HSRP. More details on the blog post.
  • ciscocbqos, a small Perl script to build Zabbix configuration for Cisco Class-Based QoS monitoring. More details on the blog post.
  • Various gists on GitHub.
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