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Italian Government mail servers STARTTLS support

After reading Antonio Prado’s Reverse DNS lookup for Italian Government’s mail exchangers post I got intrigued by the idea of checking how many of those Italian Government’s MX mail servers support STARTTLS.

STARTTLS “offers a way to upgrade a plain text connection to an encrypted (TLS or SSL) connection” (Wikipedia) and, when it’s implemented on the MX SMTP server, it allows a STARTTLS-aware user’s outbound mail server to encrypt the traffic toward the recipient’s server.

STARTTLS User to MX mail server

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IPv6 adoption in Italy

After the good IPv6 Working Group presentations at RIPE67 I decided to put togheter some data regarding IPv6 adoption in Italy, analyzing enabled Government websites and enabled access networks.

The results are… quite encouraging from the point of view of the work that needs to be done!

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