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sudppipe: a simple UDP proxy / port forwarder

I spent long time on Google looking for a simple Windows utility which let me take UPD packets on a host and forward them to another, and back. How to call it? A proxy? A port forwarder? Not a tunnel… A datapipe? A NAT or NAPT software? Well, yes, I’m listing here all the keywords I used to search it!

Something like this:

CLIENT -> HOST_A (proxy) -> HOST_B (real server)

Finally I found sudppipe, by Luigi Auriemma, and I want to share it, with the hope this post could raise its visibility and lower others’ search time.

Here is the author’s description:

advanced UDP proxy/datapipe/packets forwarder and modifier with multiple functions.
a datapipe is like a minimalistic proxy which acts as a bridge for connecting to a specific host, so the input connection can be any UDP client while the output is ever the same IP:port (clients->stcppipe->target).
it supports multiple clients allowed, creation of tcpdump capture files (like a sniffer), packets forwarding (chat style, each packet is forwarded to all the other clients and server connected), packets injection (the tool opens a specific UDP port to which is possible to send the customized packets that will be sent to the server), support for multiple target hosts plus some interesting options for controlling the outgoing sockets, hexadecimal visualization and plugins support for the modification and visualization of the packets (supports also the mysendto and myrecvfrom functions of the plugins of Proxocket).
in the package there are also some example plugins: Zdaemon huffman, Doom huffman, Half-life decoding and one for the replacement of the text strings.
the plugins (which work on both Windows and Linux) are very basic to create and use, just take a look at example_sudp.c for more informations.

Thanks Luigi! 😉