Displaying pmacct country code on a Kibana 4 map

On the Integration of pmacct with ElasticSearch and Kibana post a user (Xentoo) asked how to display geographic information provided by pmacct on a Kibana 4 map using pmacct-to-elasticsearch.

An experimental feature of p2es called transformations can be used to add a Geo Point field on the basis of the country code provided by pmacct.


A new field can be added using a lookup table having the country code as key and the capital city’s lat/lon as string value:


{ ...
"Transformations": [
    "Conditions": [ { "src_host_country": "", "__op__": "!=" } ],
    "Actions": [
        "Type": "AddFieldLookup",
        "Name": "location",
        "LookupFieldName": "src_host_country",
        "LookupTableFile": "/etc/p2es/cc_location_map.json"
... }


src_host_country is the field containing the country code that p2es receives from pmacct;
location is the new geopoint field added by p2es ( "location" : { "type" : "geo_point" } );
/etc/p2es/cc_location_map.json is a file containing the mapping between contry codes and locations (for example the capital city coordinates):

  "IT": "41.9,12.56",
  "FR": "48.81,2.48",
  "DE": "52.47,13.62"

This is an example on how to build the cc-lat/lon table using a simple Python script and the OpenGeoCode Countries of the World (COW) database:

# curl  http://opengeocode.org/cude/download.php?file=/home/fashions/public_html/opengeocode.org/download/cow.txt
# python cc-to-latlng.py > /etc/p2es/cc_location_map.json

Another source may be the MaxMind Average Latitude and Longitude for Countries table.

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  1. Gugan.K says:

    how do I get the country code of source/destination IP’s. ?. as the print plugin output doesn’t have country code. Is there any way to get it ?.

    output :
    {“etype”: “800”, “bytes”: 1996, “ip_dst”: “”, “ip_src”: “”, “port_src”: 22, “port_dst”: 49244, “ip_proto”: “tcp”, “packets”: 11}
    {“etype”: “800”, “bytes”: 60, “ip_dst”: “”, “ip_src”: “”, “port_src”: 80, “port_dst”: 54336, “ip_proto”: “tcp”, “packets”: 1}

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